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He laid a hand on her shoulder and said, "Arya? What's wrong? Her mind repeated the prophecy over and over, trying to figure out how Eragon could be the. Carrier of the Flames. Bladgen says that you are the Carrier of the Flames of Pain. That's impossible! I would never harm you! Eragon walked to the window also and. He scowled as he was dragged back through the air.

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He landed in Eragon's hand and pecked at him. Solembum's riddle.

Blagden pecked at his fingers for a few seconds then looked up at the waiting pair. He waved his wings in the air. That's what will get you out. Then slowly his eyes opened and he cawed. I am the White Death and Arya laid a hand on Eragon's shoulder. Like a priest slowly starting a talk to thousands the bird coughed once His eyes sparkled a bright silver as he. Eragon turned to Arya and hugged her. Together they went to the old elves home, not noticing that Kroger and K'eray followed.

At the base of the thousand foot. Still the magic lifted him. Glaedr sat beside Oromis's hut, gently licking a bumpy golden rock with such tenderness Eragon stretched. An Eldunari! Glaedr looked up as the two came into complete view and snorted twisting his. Oromis calmly walked out of his hut and spotted the two.

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He motioned with one hand and Eragon started. Oromis spoke in the Ancient Language and made a stool for Arya and got the two he and Eragon always sat in. I am glad to see you, and of course I know you were here. Faola's to take Murtagh as mates have roused the elves in outrage.

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They believe that humans are trying to corrupt our kind. I tried to explain. Oromis nodded as if that were. Eragon explained what was and what had happened. When he was done Oromis leaned back in his chair. If you, Arya, K'eray, and Kroger are all going that adds up to four. Stay alert for an attack of some kind. The Carrier of Flames. Eragon you have a sword of flames and you carry it. This makes you a suspect for the Carrier of. The Ice of Fury.

Then his eyes flashed open and then closed half way.

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  7. Your sword is not. The sword I mentioned to you for a sword, before Brisingr. Arvindr in. Arvindr was the first property of the elf Nealie. He helped make it. Thereafter he said it's name and it burst it. The ice it put out was known as the Ice of Fury. You have to identify this Carrier and keep him away. If he gets them Blagden's original prediction will be fulfilled.


    I will have the sword sent to me here, and then send it to. It sounded like a good plan.

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